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Bandai Namimori "NekoBusou" 230369B
Bandai Namimori "NekoBusou" 230369B

Bandai Namimori "NekoBusou" 230369B

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Let 's have a cute cat "gobo". New sensation "cat" Hobby appears.
■ Collaboration of cat master / x love modeler
■ Attach "jacket" to "cat" figure and equip it with "gobo" parts and enjoy it.
■ "Cat" is about 5 cm in total length. Depending on the prototype of Mr. Osamu Moriguchi who is active as a cat modeling artist, his expression, fur coat, paw paw, and other details are modeled.
■ "Fuusou" is a design by Mr. Fukudakazuya of the free modeler, pursuing precise mechanical shaping and a unique combination form.
■ "Futo" can be reconstructed even in a mini mecha state alone! Combinations are free with jackets and 3 mm joints mounted on each bowl.
■ There are four kinds of <Parallel plot> A, B, C, D. A is an Egyptian sitting cat "gray" and a launcher mecha set. B is an Egyptian sitting cat "Shiro" and a helmet mecha set. C is a barbecue sitting cat "tea tiger" and an aggressive set of tank mecha. D is a barbecue sitting cat "black" and a jet mecha set.

Plastic model kit. Glue, paint and finishing supplies not included.

We are not responsible for any taxes, duty, VAT, customs or other fees on the receiver’s end.

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