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Trumpeter 1/350 Russian Navy Destroyer Udaloy 04531
Trumpeter 1/350 Russian Navy Destroyer Udaloy 04531
Trumpeter 1/350 Russian Navy Destroyer Udaloy 04531

Trumpeter 1/350 Russian Navy Destroyer Udaloy 04531

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 Russian Navy Udaloy destroyer Full length: 162.8 meters full width: 19.0 meters displacement: 8200 tons The former Soviet Navy 1155 plan began in the 1970s, when the navy stopped studying large displacement, single mission due to cost issues Ship. The ship designers of the former Soviet Union adopted an unusual development strategy for surface warships, and developed two different types of warships, the 956 plan destroyer and the 1155 plan large anti-submarine ship. It is generally believed that the development plan of the former Soviet Union is basically equivalent to the USSR's Spruance-class destroyer, but it differs in the setting of air defense missiles and air-to-air radars. The primary purpose of the brave-class destroyer design is to complete the anti-submarine mission, while also requiring a longer voyage and the ability to accept resupply during the voyage, in order to meet the needs of the ocean formation operations. The brave level changed the shortcomings of the previous Krivak-class anti-submarine frigates. The Krivak class cannot be equipped with helicopters, and its search ability is low, and its air defense capability is also very poor. The brave class has two helicopter libraries with tilting hangar doors and a spacious helicopter deck. The air defense system is equipped with eight SA-N-11 missile launchers, AK-630 near-anti-aircraft and AK-100 high-level two. Use a cannon. 

Product No. 04517

Product Name Russian Navy brave class destroyer Chevrolet Moorsk

barcode 9580208045177

Product ratio 1:350

product type Static Warship

model size Length: 465.1 mm Width: 54.3 mm 

total parts 390pcs

etched parts Small mast and radar

offsets 17pcs

water paste Installed 619, 684

release date n/a

More descriptions Either waterline version or full hull version can be selected.

Plastic model kit. Glue, paint and finishing supplies not included.

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