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Micro-Trains MTL N Heinz Car #3 36' reefer Rd#440 05800420

Micro-Trains MTL N Heinz Car #3 36' reefer Rd#440 05800420

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The H. J. Heinz Company, more commonly known as simply Heinz, is an American food processing company that was founded by Henry John Heinz in 1869.  With humble beginnings, Henry and friend Clarence Noble, began manufacturing horseradish in his father’s basement.  The company would later expand to include tomato ketchup in 1875 and eventually over 60 food products by the mid-1890’s.  Heinz introduced its “57 Varieties” slogan in 1896 which was included on many of their very colorful billboard reefer cars.  With a fleet of 700 cars, HEINZ was able to ship their product by rail to major markets throughout the US. These yellow sided refrigerator cars represent railcars painted throughout the late 1900s and through the ‘teens. All cars carried the distinctive “Heinz 57” but each car advertised a different product. This is the first of six reefer cars offered in this series.
The Heinz trademarks are owned by H.J. Heinz US Brands LLC and Kraft Heinz Canada ULC and are used under license.

We are not responsible for any taxes, duty, VAT, customs or other fees on the receiver’s end.

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