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Derbyworx Pinewood Derby Pro Outer Hub Shaver DWXPHS01

Derbyworx Pinewood Derby Pro Outer Hub Shaver DWXPHS01

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The Pro Hub Shaver is a Specialty Tool designed to prepare the outer hub face of a Pinewood Derby Car Wheel by lightly shaving off any molding marks or minor imperfections that may promote friction. On B.S.A. wheels, the Pro Wheel Shaver will remove the step perfectly for reduced friction and improved performance.

Benefits of the Pro Hub Shaver:

  1. Insures accurate rotation by squaring the outer wheel hub to the wheel bore for proper mounting on the Pro-Wheel Mandrel.
  2. Improves wheel hub to axle head contact by eliminating flaws on the outer wheel hub.

Note: The Pro Hub Shaver is intended for use on BSA and Pine Car wheels. It is not intended for use on wheels by other manufacturer.

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