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Ammo by Mig AMIG1506 Filter, Brown For Dark Green

Ammo by Mig AMIG1506 Filter, Brown For Dark Green

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High quality ready to use filter. 30 mL.

Filter easy and ready to use directly on your model. These filters are specially designed for use on green surfaces, such as Russian, US or UK vehicles; but also on aircraft, robots or any other dark surface.  Use the filters by moistening a brush and applying it without flooding the surface, to enrich hues in your models, unify camouflage, or highlight areas with a different tone. With these products we will avoid mixing paints, looking for the correct dilution, or searching for the correct colors for our vehicle. These filters are enamel based and can be cleaned or diluted with Odorless Enamel Thinner. 30 mL jar.

We are not responsible for any taxes, duty, VAT, customs or other fees on the receiver’s end.

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