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Tamiya 87131C Panel Line Accent 3 Pack - Black, Brown, Gray Combo Pack

Tamiya 87131C Panel Line Accent 3 Pack - Black, Brown, Gray Combo Pack

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One each of 87131 Black, 87132 brown and 87133 Gray.

Examples of use: 
Black is a general-purpose color and can be used for any type of model. Brown is great for military models as well as highlighting details on bright colors such as Yellow or Orange. Gray is perfect for White or Light Gray parts where Black may be too distinct. 

Plastic parts may become brittle when using Tamiya Panel Line accent colors. Avoid using on movable parts and take care when applying to load-bearing areas. Apply over base coat of lacquer or acrylic paint. Accent Color paints may damage underlying base coat. Test before applying it onto the model. Take care when applying on flat base coat colors as Accent Color paints may permeate more readily. 

• Contents: 40ml 
• A fine brush on the cap enables pinpoint application and removes the need for palettes, etc. 
• Simply apply and watch as it flows into panel lines to highlight details. Once dried, any excess can be cleaned up using enamel thinner. 
• Avoid using on movable parts and load-bearing areas of a model. 

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