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Hasegawa 1/4000 Macross SDF-1 Movie Edition MC06

Hasegawa 1/4000 Macross SDF-1 Movie Edition MC06

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main gun firing system reproduce the gimmick! Kit the theater version Kyoko type! In detail representation, great sense of precision, kit the Kyoko type! 1/4000 and three-dimensional in high molding density of scale unique. Gun is movable, it is possible to assume a firing system. Built-in shoulder and upper arm, elbow, chest, hip joint, the movable gimmick using poly parts to the ankle. OT ultrafast electromagnetic rail Cannon �~ 4 also movable shoulder. Armed 01, Armed 02 It is also possible to select a state separated from the arm. In addition, the scale of the Destroyed (Tomahawk, defender, Phalanx �~ each 20 bodies) are included in the relief-like parts. Package illustration Mr. Hidetaka Tenjin is responsible!

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