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Hasegawa 1/72 Macross Plus YF-19 65709
Hasegawa 1/72 Macross Plus YF-19 65709
Hasegawa 1/72 Macross Plus YF-19 65709

Hasegawa 1/72 Macross Plus YF-19 65709

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- AD2040. Eden planet migrants who separated from the earth than 10 light-years. That will be built in the wilderness
New Edwards was at the base, the competition to develop the next main variable fighter army integration has been done
Was. Shadow of two aircraft flying a deep blue sky.
Developed by General Galaxy, YF-21 maneuvers Garde Gore Bowman. Contrast, the new
Developed by industry stars, Isamu Dyson's steer was YF-19.
- Currently, YF-19 is the active development of stealth technology is introduced in the VF-11 to adopt Seishiki
I say that to form. Forward swept wing characteristic is excellent aerodynamic characteristics, boasts high maneuverability. On the other hand
, You are prompted for the degree of difficulty of the pilot steering technology.
48 seconds and limit altitude aerodynamics, performance projection rising in the atmosphere. Fighter, Gau~oku, VA
System will also be rebuilt variations between the toroid, shortened the time to 20% compared to the VF-11
Are. Order to strengthen the defense, pinpoint barrier system adopted for the fighter. Of new technology
Result of competition development, YF-19 was stopped to the minimum necessary for the realization of the introduction of performance requirements, produce
I said the aircraft was issued.

Machine - OVA protagonist of [Macross Plus], YF-19 is 1/72 scale model. Before
We arrange expressed in the form of Hasegawa unique aircraft with wings go.
- Part composition, content has become relatively simple, each part is assembled for each block
It is designed from the assembled after painting. Pyro formula canopy open or closed state, boarding
ッ port with figures, vector nozzle is movable.
- In addition, the lower surface of the aircraft and is designed based on the books by Mr. Kawamori additional settings.

- DATA (at Fighter)
18.62m, Width: Length: 14.87m, height: 3.94m, own weight: 8.750t
Engine: thermonuclear turbine / P & W / Royce FF2200 nova, 56,500 kg × 2 thrust
Vernier thrusters P & W HMM-6J High Mobility: vernier
Mach 5.1 Maximum Speed:
Fixed armament: Maurer REB-30G, × 1 anti-aircraft laser cannon, Maurer REB-23, a semi-
× 2 fixed laser gun
- 206.5mm / 131 parts total width 260mm / Length
- Copyright 1994 Big West

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