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Zvezda 1/72 Russian T-34/76 5001
Zvezda 1/72 Russian T-34/76 5001

Zvezda 1/72 Russian T-34/76 5001

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The model is assembled without glue, but at the same time a high level of quality is maintained. 
Beginner modellers will be especially pleased with the rotating turret and ease of assembly, and collectors will be pleasantly surprised by the level of detailing of the model. The first model of the series "My first team model." 

High maneuverability, maneuverability, reliable armor and a powerful gun made this tank a formidable weapon during the Great Patriotic War. The T-34s fought near the walls of Moscow and Leningrad, at the Kursk Bulge and in Stalingrad, and ended their victorious march in Berlin. 
By 1943, the Wehrmacht already had a noticeable number of heavy tanks, not only not inferior, but even superior to the armor and firepower of the T-34 samples of 1940-1942.
This included not only the new Pz VI “Tiger”, Pz V “Panther”, but also the “old” ones that have undergone modernization of the latest Pz IV series. 
The question of a sharp increase in the fighting qualities of the T-34 arose particularly sharply at the start of offensive operations in the summer of 1943. Just before the war, an even longer barrel of an F-34 76mm gun was installed on the T-34, which had no equal until the end of 1942. In 1943, the most massive modification of the T-34 with a cast nut was launched. 
However, due to fierce battles today, only a few units of such machines have survived.

Assembly is carried out without the use of glue.

A set of plastic parts for assembling a single set of unpainted tank.

Snap-tite model kit, no glue required. Paint and finishing supplies not included.
We are not responsible for any taxes, duty, VAT, customs or other fees on the receiver’s end.
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